Yoga – it just makes sense to do it!

Rob and Steve’s yoga classes are based on the teachings of the proper alignment of the body. When the body is properly aligned and the muscles are invited to maintain this alignment, great advancements can be made within your practice.  Their class is a vigorous type of yoga that will increase your flexibility.  Flexibility is not necessary to do yoga, but as you do yoga, your flexibility will increase.  Sianna Sherman, Mitchel Bleier and John Friend are the teachers who have influenced Rob and Steve’s practice thus far.

Adding yoga to your weekly routine will keep you more limber, which can help you avoid injuries and keep you less muscle bound no matter how developed you are or get. Or, maybe yoga will be your form of exercise.  Yoga can assist the physciality of your Being on many levels, but it is also is a gateway to your Spirit and your Heart.

This is not passive yoga. You will sweat. And your Spirit will be lifted!

Yoga Mats

Bhava in Sanskrit translates to “intention”. What is your intention in life? To be successful, happy, wise…?
Your true bhava is more than the mind. We carry our bhava in our heart. Yoga can help you to find and refine your bhava. Yoga is an active meditation that helps you peel back layers of life. It adds a dimension that will guide you to the space within that allows you to find the nothingness of your self. In the nothingness you will find that you are fine and beautiful just the way you are in this very moment.
Most of us long for a place where everything is good. We look for the answers that make sense of life and it’s cycles of peaks and valleys, especially the valleys.

Yoga is a tool to take you to a place inside you where you meet the true love of your life — you! Once you are acquainted with you, you realize you are never alone and life is a journey to be enjoyed. Many answers are found on the yoga mat spending time with your self.

Give our Yoga a try. We make the yoga journey fun with humor, good music but serious yoga that will expand you. Join Rob and Steve in the dance of life. Let’s do the dance of yoga together.

Yoga is for everyone!!!!!



Meditation for Turbulent Times                                           Intermediate @ The Kula Center
Mondays 6:00 – 7:00pm                                                           Tuesdays 5:30 – 7pm 
The Kula Center:  110 East 8th St, Newport, KY                           The Kula Center: 110 East 8th St. Newport, KY

This is a Special 6- week Series Nov 6 – Dec. 11.

$10.00 per Class                                                                                  $12.00 per Class

Walk-ins Welcomed.    These classes  focus on relaxing the mind, strengthening the core and bring fluidity to the body.


 AsrtoYoga*  Sagittarius

    Shine Yoga – Hyde Park, Cincinnati
    3330 Eire Ave.
    Sunday, November 22,  2015
   2:00 – 4:00 pm
*In this NEW & unique 2 hour class we will explore the nature of the upcoming Sagittarius Astrological Season through story telling, cold hard facts and asana.   Come dive into the essence of ‘what this Very Focused and Optimistic  Zodiac Signs has to offer’.    Is the Sagittarius  Energy that lies within you able to see  the target that is ahead and are you focused enough to bring that energy to those around you?  Connect with The Single Focus , which represents the Individual as the Optimist  in its New World.    Sagittarius is the ninth Sign of The Zodiac.    You are sure to be inspired and challenged by this interesting class.   YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A Sagittarius TO GET SOMETHING FROM THIS BEAUTIFUL CLASS.  This month’s AsrtoYoga Class is the first in our series of 12 classes in which we  re-explore and revisit each of the 12 Zodiac Signs with new insights, stories. Mudras. Mantra and yoga.

Also available for corporate instruction and private sessions.
Please contact us for more information, with questions or to get on our yoga email list.