You just never know…..

One of the exercises that we have done to prepare for our time in the student clinic was to write down the name of each person in our class (including ourselves) and then list two words that were complimentary of that person.  Keep in mind that we have only known these people for no more than five weeks.  So one would think that the compliments would be very superficial.  Not so!

Here is an accumulation of the words that our fellow classmates wrote for each of us.   We were blown away.  You just never know.

You Just Never Know


The reason for the exercise was for each of us to be able to look at the list during times of self-doubt and nervousness and see all the beautiful and positive qualities that others see in us….so, they must be true for no one can pick up on a quality that you first do not project.


Love yourself!  We do!!!!!

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  1. Kay Barnett April 16, 2012 4:52 am  Reply

    you just have to be loving each day , I do!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and know how exciting it is from this side!!!
    Love you!

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