Well, I guess we’re doin it!

Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow,

Whata week we have had.  This past week was our first week in the Student Clinic.  On Friday we each set up a massage room, invited clients (people we have never seen before) into these room, asked them to undress and then came in and gave them an hour massges…strange, right?   All the time I have received a massage in the past, I have never thought this way before.  But I sure did on Friday.  Now, that is behind us and we only have 111 more to give to graduate !

We were also thrilled to have a Roadrunner visit our house…. check it out.  (It is about 3 minutes long)


From my local Horoscope… “Virgo, of all the signs of the Zodiac, you will most likely have the wildest rides and most intriquing adventures in the coming weeks! ” …  I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

And from Rob’s,  “Open the forbidden door Capricorn.  The experiences that await you on the other side may not be everything you have always needed, but I think they are at least everything you need next.  Besides, it’s not like the taboo against penetrating into the unknown place makes much sense any more.”

Today, we of course studied for A&P but we also took a walk around our neighborhood ….


A really great day in our life.  It will be remembered!






Love ya all,


Steve and Rob

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