The morning after!

Ok, so we finished the 5-day Juice Fast with little or no adverse effects – a little dizziness was about all there was.  So, this morning we got on the scale and we were shocked….Rob weighed in at 170.5 the day before the Fast and Steve weighed in at 173.5 AND this morning Rob weighed 160.5 and Steve weighed 163.0!!!!!  AMAZING, we both lost 10 pounds.

Crazy, right?  You might think, well that’s a lot of water weight, but no, we both consumed about 100 ozs. of water each day during the 5-day period.  We did a little exercise during the 5 days (we both did an Ecstatic Dance / Shamanic Journey class on Thursday; Rob did a Yoga class on Saturday and Steve did a lot of yard work – which included moving a stone patio and laying 150 sq, ft. of new sod.)   We have seen no difference in our overall muscle mass, even without lifting weights.

Check out these before and after pics and see for yourself.


Rob Side View      DSC01280[1]











Steve SideDSC01282[1]

So, the pics on the left are before and the pics on the right are the after!


One thing that we will do is once again weigh ourselves tomorrow morning.   Today we plan on having 2 of the 2-cup Juices and the our regular Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Looking forward to see how much our weight changes.  Stayed Tune.

We will share any and all of the details to you if you wish.  It was much more accessible than either of us thought!



Steve & Rob



  1. Quincy Bissic May 6, 2014 7:02 pm  Reply

    So proud of you boys! When you boys set off to improve, inspire, make healthy and well. You guys give it your all! The photos are of course inspiring, beautiful, uplifting and to be admired. Your life and what you guys have achieved professionally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and lovingly is truly awe inspiring.
    Love you guys!

    • admin May 12, 2014 3:29 pm  Reply

      Hey Quincy, Thank you for your comments! You mean the world to us and we really appreciate that the feeling is mutual! Love ya man!!!Peace

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