The Big Day Has Arrived!

It’s Sunday evening…now about 6:00pm.  The sun is still in the sky and there’s just enough light to finish packing the car.

But right now we have decided to take a break and have a cup of coffee to calm our nerves – well at least try to!  I’m not sure at all why this has become so hard for me.  But as I sit here I have this confusing very over whelming feeling.  Its not dread or fear – maybe its just because everything right now is so much “Up in the Air”.    Trying to control the future is not easy work!  ♥

We are planning on an early evening tonight.  Once we have most of the car packed we’ll eat a little dinner then head off to bed.  Our plan is to leave the house around 6:00am.  We are driving first to my cousin Colette’s house in Lawrence, KS – this should be about a 9 to 10 hour drive.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be lazy days visiting with the Carsons.  One important thing that we want to do on Wednesday is to pay a visit to The Kansas Shoe Tree (See You Tube – The Kansas Shoe Tree) and nail a shoe up.

If you do watch the video you’ll find out that the Shoe Tree is a perfect place to visit for anyone beginning a new Journey !

Today marks the physical beginning of a Journey that we have been aspiring to for more than 14 years.   We have made other Journeys in our time together – the first was to Colorado – then to Europe – – even LeftHanded Moon was a Journey.  Now we have set our sites on going back to school in Albuquerque.    We are now beginning a new chapter of our lives – the time has come and we are up to the challenge (even though right now I’m feeling a little weird.)

I wanted to share two of my very favorite pictures – both taken in Colorado while we lived in Cripple Creek.  Lisa Rob and I are standing in front of the massive backdrop of Pikes Peak and Rob, David , Jamie and I are sitting on the hood of our truck (Blueford) just after white water rafting.  How wonderful….

So, off we go.  Off to learn, expand our minds, enrich our souls, create new memories, experience new things and, maybe save the world!  Why not think big.

Peace to you.  May everyday be a new adventure for you, just as it will be for us.

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  1. Tammy Dorgan February 27, 2012 1:09 pm  Reply

    Love you guys! It’s not nerves, it’s excitement!

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