The 3rd Day of our Juice Fast

So, here we are at the end of the third day of our 5-day Juice Fast.   Tomorrow we will add in 4 egg whites in the morning and then again in the evening.  We also will cut out one of our servings of Juice – so we will only have 4 2-cup servings.   The below picture was of our refrigerator when we began this journey.  Now, I think we will need to run to the market to pick up a few more items.  There are only a handful of carrots, a few stocks of celery, maybe 8 cucumber, a small amount on Kale, some lemons and apples and one beet left!



Steve Says:

At the end of three days of nothing but water and Juice, I’m feeling great.  I had lots of energy today.  I even did a lot of yard work; laying about 150 sp. ft. of new grass in the back yard.  I still have a few dizzy spells and some hunger pains.  But I am really pleased with my overall feeling and energy level.

I am looking forward to eating again – there is something to be said about chewing – looking forward to tomorrow morning.

Today, I’m thinking that I will probably do this again – maybe in the Fall.

Rob Says:

The juices are flavor packed.  We have played around with adding different things to make it more interesting. But I too am looking forward to solid foods. I am not miserable or so attached to it that it is all I think about, but honestly it crosses my mind a lot. We not only eat for sustenance but it is a huge part of socialization.

I had a “crabby” minute of two yesterday. I think it was more the Cancer moon than anything. I want to Kate Nobel’s yoga class at Shine Yoga yesterday and did fine. Kate can kick butt so I wondered if I would get fatigued but I did not.

Then unexpectedly yesterday, Steve had 150 square feet of sod delivered. We had some work to do to get it laid. But again, our energy levels were good. So I am quite surprised at how much energy we get from the intense micro nutrients in the veggies and fruit. Need a meal— an energy packed meal?  Drink a juice of veggies and fruit. The Earth does give us everything we need to sustain us and grow.  There is true comfort in that.


  1. Steve May 4, 2014 4:58 pm  Reply

    Well boys yet again you set the standard and make us all proud. Can’t wait to see your progress when it is all over. Love and best wishes Steve and Martin x

  2. Rob May 5, 2014 12:34 am  Reply

    Glad to hear that it’s going well. I remember feeling that I got to know my digestive system really well. It was cool to know that my digestive system was pretty empty and could rest. I also liked being able to feel the energy that I got from each meal because I could mediately feel the effect on my energy level from what I just ate.

  3. Rob May 5, 2014 12:35 am  Reply


  4. Kate May 5, 2014 12:01 pm  Reply

    thanks for the shout out;-) some of keep it interesting juice add-ins: pear, mint, and I just discovered juicing bok choy on my spring break this year – high yielding juice veg

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