Tell me there’s more to believe in!

“Tell me there’s more to believe in”

Jan 8, 2019

As I write it is January 6, 2019. It is close to the New Year and astronomically there is a big conjunction of planets in Capricorn.  There’s a new moon, (New Moons occur when the Sun and the Moon are in the same Astrological Sign) so the Sun and Moon are lined up and they are accompanied by Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn rules structures. Capricorn rules governments.  Pluto is the force that takes down structures that are not solid or based on secure foundation.  It’s not a surprise that the US government is in a shutdown.Possibilities Pic

The Sun, Moon and Mercury will move out of Capricorn quickly but Saturn and Pluto will remain in Capricorn for a while – Pluto until 2024 and Saturn until 2021.

In mythology Saturn and Pluto are “heavy hitters.” Pluto is analogous to Shiva in Hindu mythology. He is the god of destruction as he takes everything down to the ground.  This destruction is not for destructions sake alone. Pluto/Shiva takes us back to ground zero so the new and transformed can rise from the ashes.  It is the story of the Phoenix- flying straight into the fire to rise again— renewed and transformed.

Saturn or Cronos of the Roman and Greek myths, castrates his own father Uranus, the Sky God, to save the world from Uranus’ chaos and eternal spinning out of control.  Saturn represents time.   He provides structures and containers so we can experience the fruits of our actions. Without a container our ideas and aspirations go unfulfilled. They float and meander and never manifest.

Heavy hitters right? These two are moving together through Capricorn for most of 2019 and 2020.   This morning I pondered, “What could all this mean for us and this moment in time?”  My natural propensity towards pessimism had fear rise up in me.  To be honest it made me very anxious with all that is going on in the world, not just the government shutdown but including it.

Through my practices of yoga and meditation I have come to firmly believe that we humans are inherently good and want to experience love and joy in the world.  I know it’s not always easy to see especially when people are describing the current state of the world as our generation’s “world war”.  It’s a war of a different kind where the emotions of fear, anger and self doubt are the weapons of mass destruction.  These “new”, yet very old weapons are deadly, as they undermine our faith in our own humanity and separate us from each other.  Separation is the most lethal illusion we can embrace.

With all this intensity going on in my head, along with my deep desire to feel hope for the future, I stood up and shook my body a couple times and decided to cook breakfast.  Since I couldn’t figure it out in that moment, I decided to be productive and nurture myself (and Steve). Feeling productive always makes a Capricorn feel better.

While cooking, I decided I needed to get even more out of my head so I said, “Alexa, play ‘Calling all Angels’ by Jane Siberry.  Alexa and I have a love/hate relationship which usually ends in me being frustrated with her not playing what I request.  Today was a little different.  She played Jane Siberry but not ‘Calling all Angels’.  She played a song I had never heard by her called, ‘It Can’t Rain all the Time.’  I may have started off a bit frustrated when I did not get my requested song but then I heard the lyrics, “Tell me there’s more to Believe In.”

“Alexa, replay this song….please” I listened to it 4 times and realized once again the connection we all have to the energies that created the universe.  I got exactly what I needed from a 20 year old song I didn’t even know existed.  I felt a lightness.

“We walked the narrow path,

Sometimes you can barely tell the difference

Between darkness and light.

Do you have faith

In what we believe?

The truest test is when we cannot,

When we cannot see.

I hear pounding feet in the,

In the streets below, and the,

And the women crying and the,

And the children know that there,

That there’s something wrong,

And it’s hard to believe that love will prevail.

Oh it can’t rain all the time.

The sky won’t fall forever.

And though the night seems long,

Your tears won’t fall forever.

Can you tell me

Is there something more to believe in?

Or is this all there is?”

Words by: Jane Siberry

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. The message was there, “Love will prevail”. The message of yoga was coming through again when I needed it.

I sat down with my astrology and history books— two of my passions.  The last time Saturn and Pluto did what they are doing now was the beginning of the Reformation.  The Reformation started with its own type of shutdown.  It began with an individual who refused to go along with the absurd structure that was in place.  Most people of the time simply acquiesced.   He, could not!

Short history lesson:

The Reformation was part of the larger movement of the Renaissance. The Renaissance, a time of change in the way humans thought about many things. People questioned their role in the Cosmic Plan and began to develop a personal relationship with the Divine Source.  “Humanism”, the over-arching theme of this time period, had people studying how we fit in to the ‘big picture’.

The world was incorporating us rather than separating us from the Divine Plan.  This change in the our way of thinking brought on the Reformation when Martin Luther, in 1517, stood up to the abuses of the prevailing authority of the Catholic Church.  To a church door he nailed a piece of paper which called out the dominate social situations of the time as flawed.  He saw a structure that needed changing.  He asked questions.  He was the one who spoke up about the “Emperor’s new clothes”, or the reality of their lack.  New inventions, like the printing press, accelerated communication and spread his ideas and those of the Renaissance faster than ever across the known World.

‘Renaissance’ is a French word meaning “rebirth”.  Hmmmmm……

With this knowledge, I felt a heart opening as I thought about the possibilities for the future.  What can this ‘reunion’ of  Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn bring to our time, I thought.

Maybe we are headed for a “Renaissance”, a rebirth.  New technologies are in place that spread ideas faster than ever before.  Many of us are questioning the status quo.  We are not comfortable with what is happening in our World.  Perhaps the Phoenix and Old Father Time will once again fill the World with possibilities for a better future which will bring us together rather than continue to separate us.

As I sat with the song, ‘It Can’t Rain all the Time” I relaxed.  I allowed my mind, which is always trying to figure things out, to just chill.  In this pause, a thought came to me – “It’s not always about finding solutions. Sometimes it’s about just opening to the possibilities.”  There is more to believe in.  I know there is. Our expanding consciousness is capable of taking us to greater heights if we can get clear on what truly matters to us and the planet.  Can we align our individuality with the greater whole?  Can we align our Ego, which is a separating agent, with our Heart which seeks to unite Us?

I believe we can. It might take hard work (Saturn) and believing in the mythical Phoenix (Pluto) but working together they will show us there is plenty to believe in.

I think these next couple years will prove to be interesting.  If we are in a similar time as the Reformation, what change will we see?  Will the theme of “Spirituality” excel so we can develop a more personal relationship with the creator force?  Perhaps we will realize we are the ‘creative force’ and learn to love from that point of view.

It might seem like it’s raining right now in our world. It might seem like the majority isn’t paying attention—- but just like Luther’s act of nailing his grievances on a church door in Germany in 1517, which shook an empire and a papacy, we might be ready for some big shake ups in our own time.  As we see Yoga and Spirituality on the rise, maybe we are living in the next evolutionary step toward love as “The Way.”

“Is there something more to believe in?”  Yes!  With hard work and dedication to our truest intent of love, we will know in our hearts, “It can’t rain all the time.”


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