Astrology – Really Mom?

We are all on a Spiritual quest whether we know it or not. Some of us enjoy knowing we are on a quest and for some, it freaks us out and others are just oblivious for various reasons. We come into the world seeming to be such tabula rasa— a blank slate– but are we? Is there more to us as we take our first breath than we know or that those around us can see?

Astrology came into my life in my early 20′s. Being a Capricorn I found it amusing that my Mom would buy her Libra sunsign book every year and having it on the kitchen table she would read it occasionally to see what was happening for her and the other million Libras on the planet. As I joked around with her one day about it, she said, “I don’t know if I believe it but it’s fun and some of the details are right on. So have you studied this?” ( It was a serious question since I was/am always studying something)


“No”, I said. “Come on  Mom how can this be true?”

At that time my Mom had a much stronger faith in the possibility that even if she did not understand something it could be valid. I respected that trait so when she said I should study the subject before I had such strong opinions, I took it to heart and had my chart read. WOW!!!

When Ed Kluska, a professional astrologer in Cincinnati did my chart it blew me away. This man who had never met me explained to me about my shy interior Capricorn nature being flanked by my fiery Leo rising and equally fiery moon in Sagittarius. One of the phrases I wrote down from this reading was “reluctant actor”.  At the time I was on an academic path to be a lawyer– and lawyers are described as the frustrated actors. There were so many things in that reading that rang true for me. But his explanation of my reserved inner nature and outward seeking personae and emotions made so much sense to me. It explained so much.

So I of course asked for a book list and did some research on my own. I wanted to start with some basic books to understand myself more. To know more about my sun sign I picked up Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. I read everything she wrote and some other astrologers as well.

In 1987 I read what was her new book, Linda Goodman’s Star Signs. It talked about astrology and so much more. She weaved a tale of how to use many ancient tools to open new doors to self discovery. I felt she had a road map for my soul.  There is a much longer story to this, but basically after stalking her, Steve and I moved to Colorado and helped her with her final book, Gooberz and were her personal assistants.

I want you to know that I did not just blindly come to follow astrology.  Nor do I believe that everything in your life should be planned or scheduled by astrology. I know there are so many arguments out there about how bogus it is. Why are Vedic and Western astrology off by so many degrees making individuals different signs in one than the other? As my wise  first teacher said to me, “maybe you should study it.”

Seriously, astrology is one of the many tools at our disposal to help us sort out the journey of our Soul. We are so much more than these incredible bodies we inhabit. Our Authentic Self is ancient and connected to everyone else. But we also have individual stories. The Universe is experiencing itself through each one of us. It craves the experiences we are having and it celebrates as we peel away the layers of Maya that obscure our vision. No two charts are exactly alike. It is all based on when and where we take your first breath. As we breath in the Prana, the life force, for the fist time, our chart is cast and our story begins. The romantic novel about our love affair with our own True Nature and how it can all unfold is there in our chart. There is always free will. It is a roomy playpen, not a 2′ x 2′ prison cell.

There are many tools for self discovery– astrology is just one of many choices. If you are curious, take a look. See if this tool resonates with you. The map of your chart can underscore your gifts, your challenges, some past life and this life direction and it can be quite entertaining. Everything should have joy!

Steve and I are hosting a 3 hour workshop on Saturday January 18 from 3- 6pm at Shine Yoga Studies in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH. (  We would love for you to join us. We are going to cast your chart with your time and place of birth so that as we explain what you can learn from this incredible self-help tool, you will have your chart right in front of you. It will be very individual. It will be a great jumping off point for you to see ‘what’s in your stars’.

Beyond my own discoveries, I have seen so many “ah ha” moments on people’s faces as they hear their story told through the placement of the planets and luminaries. It also less mysterious once you dive in. The swiss psychologist, Carl Jung used astrology with his clients. He could see the archetypes contained in their charts.

We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else.” – C.G.Jung

If you have questions about the workshop just drop us line at: Or check out this link for more information…    We would love for you to join us. What do you have to lose? Or maybe ask yourself—”What could I possibly gain?”



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