Healthy Living Retreat – Key West. Fl… August, 2018


Hello from Steve & Rob!

We are very excited about the possibilities for 2018! Please contact Rob and Steve directly with your questions about our 2018 Healthy Living Retreat in Key West, FL!


This is what participants are saying about their experience at the Healthy Living Retreat:

“I am feeling SO GOOD after the retreat. I mean it – it was just the shot in the arm I needed. I have more energy, more positivity, and most importantly more optimism about my future. I’ve been doing all the little things you guys and Paul have suggested – don’t over think it, just add small, healthy “rituals” into my life. I am moving more, running more, sleeping better, eating better, and loving life more than I have in a long time.  It has been a wonderful two weeks.”   Rita, Atlanta, GA

” Rob & Steve’s planning, organizing and running of this event was exceptional and these are two of the most caring, friendly, fun and nicest guys you will ever meet.  The HLR participants quickly formed bonds and were supportive of each other during the retreat and we keep in contact to this day.  We did juicing and nutrition, meditation, reflexology and yoga, group and individual discussion classes all which were enjoyable, fun, informative and relaxing.  If there is anyone interested in the wonderful HLR experience and journey of self discovery, please contact Rob & Steve and if you know of anyone who would benefit from this kind of experience, please share this with them.  With thanks and best regards, Billy. XO” Billy, Toronto, Canada

Our Retreat includes:  Daily Yoga – both for the Beginners and Advanced students, Daily Meditation Classes to help you bring calm into your busy life, sessions that will address our theme of “Find Your Heart, Lose Your Mind”, breaking bread together and  Fresh Juices served everyday of the Retreat.

This makes the sixth anniversary for this retreat – so please join us in August of 2018 for an even better event.

Let us know if you have any questions – 513.675.7582 (cell) or email –

Peace and Much Love,

Steve & Rob

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