Lunar New Year—New Moon to set your intention for the coming year April 10, 2013

Hello fellow Earthlings;

We are currently in the Balsamic moon phase. There are eight phases of the moon and the Balsamic phase is the final phase before we start again at the new moon.

We have a Balsamic phase every month but this one is significant because it is the final phase before we enter the next lunar cycle– the new year as nature celebrates it. You see in Astrology the new year begins with Aries (Mar 20-April 21 Approximately). So the first new moon in Aries is April 10. We are finishing things up as we write.

The next few days are the best days to lay down all the old worn out stuff that you don’t want to carry over to the new year/cycle. Clean House!!!

Take a look at the last year, from April 2012 until right now. What has been the theme? Is there something you want to just put down and leave behind?

These next couple days are great to spend time with yourself and just BE. If you have the luxury to be able to sit quietly, listen to music, read, enhance your inner world in some way — you will feel in sync with the energy of the Balsamic moon. This is an important time to take an internal inventory and get ready to plant the seed for the next cycle. All your energy is going into the seed, preparing for a new journey.

What is it you want to do with your one precious life in this next year? Ask and you shall receive. It’s true. Ask. Set an intention. Make a plan for your internal life as well as the external life for the new twelve cycles of the moon. We humans are pulsating beings of light just like the planets and stars. We are influenced by their rhythms just like the plants and the tides of the ocean.

What can put us in alignment with this energy? Much of our lives are spent feeling like we are swimming up stream or that we have to struggle to get things accomplished.

There is a more natural pulse and rhythm. We have to figure out how to get into the flow. We have to explore ourselves to find ourselves so we can make ourselves more comfortable.

Some say that the Balsamic phase of the moon is connected to the 8th chakra that lies above the body. The 8th chakra contains the Truths about our existence like “All is ONE”. It is the chakra that contains the agreements we made about the energies we wanted to work with and through this time around. This chakra allows us to realize we are more energy than matter. That our spirit is stronger than our biology. The things of the tribal mind that are contained in the first three chakras are all destined to break down at some point in our lives. But the 8th chakra takes us inside. As Caroline Myss puts it, “we are scheduled to go inside of ourself on a solo flight— that ‘s what becoming conscious is all about.”

So why be concerned if there is life on other planets when we have life inside us that we don’t even know about yet. The natural rhythm right now is about letting go and preparing ourself for a new cycle. April 10, 2013 5:35 am (EST) is the new moon. Then the seeds are planted and they begin a journey to come out of the darkness and find the warmth and light of the sun. We get a chance each month to start fresh at the new moon– but this one sets the tone for the coming year. It will color all the rest of them so take some time under this balsamic phase– the phase of the prophet, to set your sites on what you want and go for it. Fill your intentions with lots of thoughts and words of self love and caring.

Tonight and tomorrow, Steve and I will be writing down all the things we want to let go of as the new lunar cycle begins. We are going to burn them as a symbol of truly letting them go. We will then be writing down on Wednesday and Thursday where we want to go on the new journey.

All that to say— Happy New Year!!


“He who goes to the bottom of his own heart knows his own true nature; and knowing his own nature, he knows heaven.” Mencius

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