It’s Quiet

It’s the middle of the night

It’s Quiet

The park across the street is empty

Rob lays in bed dreaming….

This is a time when the parasympathetic system of the world kicks in for this side of this little blue ball.  It is a time to rest and reflect.

We have just finished watching the final episode of Six Feet Under – I know. it’s about time, right?  The program only went off the air in 2005! … but I wasn’t ready for the ending then.  The tag line for the program is something like, “everything, everyone….ends.”  How morbid, right?  Oh, my dears, not so.  What it tells me is that yes,  this thing we called live is finite, but what we need to do is to live it, to spend our days being happy.  Happiness does not come from money or from poverty and service.  Happiness does not come from things – nor the lack of things to tie you down.  Happiness comes from a realization that you are good right here, right now.  With or without.  happiness comes from love of yourself as you look into the mirror – who is looking back at you?

This moment does not know the next, nor does it reflect on the last….it is only concerned with it as it is – and that moment is so fleeting.  Man, do I sound like a downer ?  I’m not.  These past two weeks have been beyond words.  I have experienced so much – It’s as if, I am looking at the blueprint of my spirit – the part of me that really knows and I’m getting it.  It’s the beautiful voice I hear as I sing in the shower.   I am doing exactly what I want to do!!!!!


I wish you the same!   Go, follow your dreams.  Listen to the voice in your head – it is speaking the truth.

I am so grateful.

P.S.  The motto of the school we are going to is…”Only God and Nature Heal.”  And if a staff member is to speak the motto, they follow it up with, , “And if you don’t like “God” exchange it with “Love”.  I like this.  I have this theory that God is the Earth – for Nature gives us everything we need.  It shows us unconditional love even as we rape her.  She continues to give.  So, as I see it, it’s all the same, Love, God and Nature – we are a part of this goodness.


Sweet dreams……………………………….

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  1. Brenda March 18, 2012 12:20 pm  Reply

    Wow Steve I had a dream last night right about when you posted this that we are all ready awake. We just need to appreciate the subtleties that Nature/God is offering us for us to really know it. Loving yourself right now right here is all there is. Just like your message. Wow connecting on the night plane.
    We will be in Albuquerque April 3 ish. Will you be around? I want to see you guys !!
    Also I come back for a Taos retreat June 15-23. I am doi g massage for a sketchbook retreat and need a massage table. Can I rent one in Albuquerque? Let’s chat. I know you are super busy do I will keep it short. Much love good man!!, Brenda

    • robandsteveyoga March 18, 2012 5:23 pm  Reply

      Hey Brenda,
      So nice to have connected on the night plane with you – sweet! We will be here both in early April and mid June. Just let us know the exact date in April and we will be sure to put you on the calendar. For your retreat in June, we have our massage table with us so you can borrow it for that week – no worries.
      Love ya baby and see ya soon!

  2. Kate Noble March 18, 2012 1:50 pm  Reply

    I LoVe this post! It sounds like you are doing great…. just like everyone who cares about you… knew you would! Thanks for sharing.

    • robandsteveyoga March 18, 2012 5:34 pm  Reply

      Hey Kathleen,
      Thanks for your comment – The longer I live, the more I KNOW that it really only gets better!

  3. Ran Mullins March 18, 2012 3:03 pm  Reply

    Beautiful. Thank you for a nice Sunday morning respite before going to work.

    • robandsteveyoga March 18, 2012 5:33 pm  Reply

      Hey Ran,
      We are reading the Bach Flower Remedy book – Heal Thyself. I am learning that I cannot be happy in the NOW, unless I let go of all that proceeded this moment. All of those old fears, hurts, prejudices and expectations only weigh me down. These feelings only have impact on my happiness if I continue to hold on to them and to be Happy, why would I want to hold on to them. Its never too late.
      Love ya man,

  4. Phyllis Stuart March 19, 2012 9:24 am  Reply


  5. Susan Frank March 26, 2012 1:53 am  Reply

    Rob and Steve, I love your words. I can feel your thoughts and emotions.
    I only wish all the world could express as well as you do.
    Keep the messages coming.
    Love, Susan

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