Day 5 !!!!! The Fast is complete.

So, here we are at the end of the fifth day of our Juice Fast.  In some respects it seems longer than five days and then again it seems like we are just getting started.  Today, we once again added in the egg whites – Rob made omelets….yummy – and the taste de résistance’, a baked chicken breast for dinner !!!!  We did this along with a Juice of cucumber, ginger, celery, spinach, apples, lemon, bok choy, and cantaloupe!

Steve Says:

Last night we treated ourselves to a juice smoothie – we made our regular juice with kale, cucumber and such then put that in the blender with a little ice and a couple bananas…let’s talk decadent.   So yesterday we added in the egg whites and we had them again this morning for breakfast – now, much to my surprise, I actually experienced movement in my bowels around 1:00pm.   I think this really shows how fast the digestive system can work – no food, no movement add a little food and you have movement.

Very happy with the way I feel right now and I’m very surprised.  Going into this I was in dread – omg what am I doing.  Now that it’s over, I know I will juice even more than before and I think I’ll do this same fast in the fall.  If you wanna give it a try just let us know and we’ll tell you what we did.

Rob Says:

The five days of the fast went quickly. Much more so than I thought they would. I really like the way I feel. I am very clear in my head. It has been interesting to watch and feel my body with out solid food. Our friend Rob said he liked being aware of his digestion and the feeling of giving it a break, I must agree. Our bodies/digestion need a rest just like the rest of our system. Giving it a break has been good.

Although the chicken was good tonight it wasn’t like I was ravenous or felt I had to have it. I ate it very slowly and savored each bite. I plan on bringing more awareness into my daily diet. I am also going to make more vegetarian choices. It’s not that I will give up the chicken and fish but I am going heavier on the veggies and fruit for sure. It feels better for me.  This has been a great journey.  Thanks for reading along.



Rob and Steve



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