Day 4 of our Juice Fast

So, we’re in the home stretch.  Only one more day to go.  And, we actually had to go to the market today to get more provisions!   Below are two pics of our refrigerator – one when we started and the second just before we went to market today.


photo[1]            photo[1]



Quite a difference – now you know why we had to go shopping!

Steve Says:

So we added in egg white today and I can tell you that they never tasted soooooooooooooo good.  Rob made scrambled for breakfast and an omelet for dinner.  Worked out in the yard again today – moving and rebuilding a stone patio.  Had lots of energy for the project.  Just a few hunger pains and only one time did I feel dizzy.  Only thing today….no bowel movement.    Maybe tomorrow.  And am I ever looking forward to tomorrow – we get to have a chicken breast at the end of the day.


Rob Says:

We are getting so many nutrients that I am not hungry but psychologically I miss food. Without cooking there is also so much more time n the day. I like how clear and light I feel. My body is really liking the break. I can tell.



Rob and Steve




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