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Blog for Gemini 5-12-15   Astro Yoga Series  Shine


gemini2In astrology, Gemini is said to rule the mind. Perhaps that is why my mind is spinning with all the incredible information coming at me about this Sign.

Gemini is the third sign of the natural zodiac, following Aries and Taurus. It is an “air” sign and it is also mutable. Air and mutable make Gemini changeable and adaptable.

So what does all that mean?

Each sign can teach us something about the evolution of our Soul. Gemini is the point in our evolution where consciousness first appeared and with consciousness and thought— Duality.

Early on when Steve and I first started studying yogic philosophy, especially Tantra, we would ask each other, “Why is the world filled with such opposites? Why can’t we just be whole/together and enjoy this planet and our existence as a literal ‘Garden of Eden’?”

Maybe—just maybe we can look to Gemini the sign of the twins and duality for a few clues.

In the mythology of Mercury, the planet/god that rules Gemini, also known as the trickster, we are reminded to not take it all so seriously. Our existence and our experience of perceived dualities is part of the Cosmic Game.  Game?  Hmmmm….

In the age of Gemini some 6 to 7 thousand years ago, is when a new consciousness came to be. It is when the game began. It is when humans saw themselves as the ‘subject’ and everything else around became the ‘object’. Duality and separation were born. We came to know Shakti, the creative energy.

The season of Gemini gives us the opportunity to look at duality, the sign of the twins, the play of what seems opposite, and let newness emerge. When we learn to play with duality we can bring about an inner yoking or yoga that opens us up to even more space and opportunities.

Gemini is an Air sign. We are reminded how vital Air, Vayu is to us with each breath we take in.  Our breath is what lets us open up inside and realize how much space we are capable of holding. It’s big. It’s vast. In this expanse inside we can hold the dualities. We see that we are in all and all is in us.

I hope this isn’t getting to heady but Gemini is the mind and intellect, communication, ideas and learning.

Please join us for a new series of Astrology inspired Yoga classes, we are calling Astro Yoga.

We will take the heady part out and play with ritual, stories, mudras, mantras and poses that have a sense of the air element, expansion and space to them.

Come find out how Mercury, Venus and Bhuvaneshwari all relate to Gemini.

No prior knowledge of Astrology is required and the Yoga poses will be accessible to most levels.

What is required? Curiosity and a sense of playfulness!   Come on, let’s dance with the Divine that lives in our hearts. Came play with Gemini as we enter the season of bringing the mind and heart together.

Astro Yoga Gemini, at Shine Yoga, 3330 Erie Ave, Hyde Park, Sunday May 17, 2015, 12:45 -2:45. Regular class pricing.

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