Another week at Magic School

In the past few weeks I have heard some of the graduates and staff refer to the NMSNT as the magic school. As some of you know, casting a spell or making a potion is not beyond us. 🙂 I love calling it magic school. There is something about this place that makes you feel altered and other worldly.

My dreams have been really vivid. I had my second visitation from Dottie while here. I call it a visitation becasue while it is going on I could swear it is real– the touch, smells—all of it. The synchronicites are daily, the intuitive sensations and even some old friends showing up from lives before.

On a very physical level we are spending most of our time studying or practicing massage. We have not had any down time.

So we started our Polarity therapy training last week. It is a type of energy body work created by Dr. Randolph Stone. So on Monday I climbed on to the massage table while Steve gave me a treatment. As the teacher instructs he follows what she is doing. Then the second half of class, I give him a treatment while I follow her instructions.

Let me tell you– the treatment he gave me was powerful. Minutes into it, I felt energy flowing through me. Memories I did not even know where inside me came to the surface from the first through the third grade. I saw snipets of class plays I was in, thoughts from childhood, I saw my brother Dave at my second grad classroom door talking with Miss Emmerit— Intense– Intense. It is really hard to explain but tears poured down my face throughout most of the treatment. Then when it was over, Steve was checking in with me to make sure all was good, when one of my classmates who had been all the way across the room come over to me sobbing. She said, I don’t know what is up but I felt you from across the room and just want you to be OK. Needless to say we ended up in one big love ball crying for a few minutes.

Neither of us still know what that was all about. But I did run her chart and her moon and my sun are conjunct–almost to the exact minute. So I walked up to her the next day and said, “it’s nice to meet you again. You made us come all the way to New Mexico to find you.” So glad we did. She is a special light being. I love you Geminis. I give you a hard time but I know you are good for me.

I should mention that last Saturday on the new moon I started a Bach remedy to help me get rid of insecurities from the past. My bach Remedy teacher is also a special Gemini—-

So here we are at magic school taking potions and reaquainting ourselves with friends from a different time when we wore a different garment, a different skin………..

Hope your week has been interesting. We can’t wait to share all that we are learning. I wonder if they will teach us to fly here. Or maybe they will just remind us that we already know how.



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  1. Brenda May 1, 2012 1:00 am  Reply

    you totally know how my love bunnies, you are and have been the best alchemists i hav ever met xooxxoxox

  2. Kathryn Neal May 5, 2012 10:34 pm  Reply

    It is a magic school in a magical land…

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