An Evening with Charo

I know, right?  When we first saw the billboard announcing that Charo would be at Hollywood Casino near Albuquerque on Cinco de Mayo, we both said what a perfectly kitsch way to spend that Holiday!  We also both thought, how old can she be anyway – 70, 80?   I mean, wasn’t she in her 30’s when we all watched her on The Johnny Carson Show back in the 70’s?

I am so very pleased that the night before the event I remember about the show, looked it up on-line and bought two tickets.  It was an amazing show – she did it all…she sang, she told jokes, she danced around the stage in 5-inch heels and she did what some say she does better than almost anyone else in the world, she played her guitar.  She wooed us with it.  She trapped me with the way she held the instrument, how her fingers glided so effortlessly over the strings – I was glued to her every move.   And I enjoyed every moment of it.  I did not want it to end.

Before the show, the announcer gave all the “what ifs” of the event.  No different from any event you have ever been to.  But this time, she told us that pictures and video were welcomed and to not be shy.  What a treat.  During one of her numbers with her guitar, I placed myself at the foot of the stage, no more than ten feet from her – I snapped at least 75 pictures.  Some of these have been posted to Facebook.  Her is my favorite..








So, here we are in Albuquerque treating ourselves to the grand experience of learning a new skill.  We are reinventing ourselves – – – once again!  I must say that when I bought the tickets to see Charo, I was thinking what a hoot, right?  I mean, come on, here she is appearing in a small out-of-the-way casino in the middle of the desert.   BUT, this woman, no matter how old she is, is still living her live and doing exactly what she wants to do.  She has no inflated ego that is getting in her way.  She is true and genuine.  I have added Charo to my list of people I admire – those who are unconcerned with what others may think.  Those who are doing what they love and doing it well.  Remember, we really never know how our everyday actions affect others.

Here’s a video I shot at her concert…enjoy and keep striving to be the exact person who you know you are in your heart.


Peace and Love from the Desert!


  1. Kay Barnett May 8, 2012 5:39 am  Reply

    Thanks for sharing, looks like you are both doing well and like Charo, following where life takes you and working toward helping others have a healthy life! Oh yes, my choice of Bach Essences “Rescue Remedy” very calming for my travels on the road work!
    Stay well, HUGS KAY

  2. Phyllis Stuart May 8, 2012 12:41 pm  Reply

    Amazing her finger’s move faster than lighting..
    Goes to prove we are only as old as we let our minds think!!
    You two are so amazing, taking the time to share with your Friends as you make this
    Love much,

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