A New Year- A New You!

We have been moving through a major life change for the last 2 to 3 years. We set out on a completely new life path that at times has been full of fear and uncertainty. Fear and uncertainty can throw us off even when it’s a change we know is for the better or change that JUST IS– like a health challenge.


The place to start for real change is in our mind. Our heart may be ready or accepting but the mind gets stuck in its habitual ruts. Hell is the habits we think we need to keep change and chaos at bay but then these same habitual patterns are what trap us when we decide change is what we need and we find ourselves cemented in one unmovable location.

Once our heart is open to change it takes work and discipline to open and change our minds. We have to start observing  every thought and word we speak for traces of fear and negativity. Our mind accepts what we feed it whether it’s positive or negative. It trusts us. It takes what we give it and it runs with it. If we allow fear and ‘what ifs’ to dominate our thoughts then fear and ‘what ifs’ will be the way we live.

Keep in mind ( pun intended) that surrounding ourself with positive thinking and even positive thinking people doesn’t mean we won’t have to face challenges in life. The ebb and flow, the ups and downs is how life is set up.  We can’t escape it.  But changing our thoughts starts to change your perspective. We develop an inner confidence where we come to know we can handle any and all that life brings our way. We start thinking of the happenings in our life as opportunities and stop feeling like a victim.

It all starts inside us. Any resolution for change is strengthened by a decision to look at how we think. We can experiment with our life by examining how we think about ourself.  We might be surprised how even the subtlest words and thoughts can undermine where we want to go in life and who we want to be.

Starting our day with meditation or a time for prayer, that does not contain the words, “I Want ” but rather “I AM” can go a long way to opening our hearts. A simple “I Love You” to ourself as we start our day can begin to pull down the walls between the part of us that is experiencing a gnawing sense of unsatisfactoriness and the true US who is a Being of light and love. We can affirm ourselves and take action on the inside to make our outside reality a more comfortable place to live.

At this time of the year where many of us think about changing our diet for the physical body, let’s also play around with the idea of changing our diet of what we feed our mind. For many of us, thinking about ourselves in a loving, nurturing way is not easy. But we are truly worthy. Our true essence is good, whole and lovable. There is always room for self growth but we are good and deserving of love right now, just the way we are. Creating this type of thinking leads us to think about everything we take into our being whether it’s  through our mouth, our mind or our heart.

None of us know how much time we have on this planet. So let’s love ourself NOW.  Then we can take the next moment and the next moment and the next moment as they come.

We are a spark of  divinity, call it what we will, God– Shiva-Shakti, the Universe…… and because we are that spark, we are good and have the potential for happiness and bliss. Invite it in. Then we can take another step in our own transformation.  Our resolutions take hold when we have a vision of ourself that is full of goodness and love and when we seek change to build on what is already good and whole rather than viewing ourselves as needing to be fixed and perfected. We are good in this moment. Breathe in that reality and relax.


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