A 5-Day Juice Fast

On May 1, 2014 Rob & I will begin a 5 Day Juice fast.  It is inspired by Drew from FitLifeTV.  The fast will allow us to have 2 cups of fruit / vegetable juice
every 3 hours – up to five servings per day and of course as much water as we like.  We will be taking a probiotic and psyllium husk every morning.  The combo or flavors of the Juices can be whatever we like and should prove to be very interesting.  We will only be drinking Juice and water for three days.  On the forth day we will take out one of the 2-cup servings and replace it with one serving of 3 cooked egg whites.  Then on day five, we will once again take out one more of the 2 cups servings and replace it with a small piece of baked chicken or fish.  On day 6 we add in oats along with the eggs in the morning and begin to return to our regular diet.  Its designed to be a cleanse of the digestive system – to almost begin anew.

Here are beginning pictures of Rob and Steve:

Rob Face on

Rob Side View











Steve FrontSteve Side











As of 4/29/14 Rob weighed 170.5 pounds and Steve weighed in at 174 pounds.


We plan on blogging about our experience every day – and we will be sure to include the good, the bad and the ugly!    Remember that our first day of the Fast will be Thursday, May 1st and the last day will be Monday, May 5th!


Stay tuned!  We would love hearing from all of you as well.  Let us know how you are doing.


We all shine brighter, when each flame is strong.

Juicing Stuff


Peace and much Love,


Steve & Rob


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