Why Meditate? What’s all the hype?
Many of us think ‘meditation’ is some activity only worthy of religious mystics and mountain dwelling sages.  On some level, meditation can open up ‘other reaches’ of our mind and channels to intuitive insights but it can also be a healthy tool for those of us looking to simply fine tune our concentration, relax and enjoy our life more.

The nuts and bolts of meditation: Find techniques and tools that help you concentrate and focus.  Concentration and focus are what we work on first.  As these two develop we can then let go of the constant barrage of thoughts that distract us in our moments.  But first we work on bringing the mind back to a central point of focus.

Everyone can do it. Yes even you!
What’s needed?  The willingness to commit to a certain amount of time each day and then find a few techniques that are accessible to you.  Then- do it.

First steps:
Commit to 3 to 5 minutes a day.  If you don’t think you have that much time, the mind is definitely controlling you.  Take control back.

Set a timer so you aren’t distracted by thoughts about how much time has passed.

Find a comfortable seat.  It is vital that you are comfortable or again your mind will throw obstacles.

Sit in a chair:  Have your feet touch the ground. Sit up straight with your back erect. Try not to lean into the back of the chair.  Sit up tall and maybe even support your lower back with a pillow to give you the comfort of the lumbar curve.

Sit on the floor:  Have your hips elevated so your knees are lower than your hips. Have the spine long.   Work to get the lower-lumbar curve and have your shoulders back.

Lying down? You may very well go to sleep.  So, Sit up for meditation and then take a nap.
Now you are ready – you have set aside your 3 to 5 minutes.  You have found a relatively quiet place to be undisturbed.  You are seated comfortably in accord with your body.  You can set your phone timer or simply listen to the audio provided here.  Now close your eyes and breathe.

The below audio is separated into two 3 minute meditation – you will hear a chime at the end of the first three minutes.  You can stop here or go the whole time of 6 minutes – the audio will finish when you hear a second chime.  Be realistic about what you can do but also learn to challenge yourself.  At any time you feel you don’t know what to do – breathe deep on the inhale and exhale.

1) You are starting a new habit.  Give yourself a break.
2) You have been ‘thinking” for as many years as you have been alive.
3) Now you are working on giving the ‘thinking mind’ a break. Give it some time and energy.
4) Do this for 3 weeks and then evaluate how Meditation is going for you.
The effects of meditation are subtle. Look for signs of more peace and calm in yourself.  Allow ANY positive effects you may feel or encounter to keep you doing this.
5) Consistency is the BIG THING as you start off.  Stay with it !  Do not be discouraged even when you feel you did nothing but think for 3/6 minutes.  It is natural.  It is part of the process.

Every effort you make towards deepening your happiness in life is worth it.  Take time each and every day to be with you to bring more peace and clarity to your life.  Happiness is not something we can purchase or acquire.  It is something we cultivate inside us.  It is already there.  It just needs a little love, understanding and concentration.  Breathe deep.  Be free.  Enjoy!

Guided Meditation 3 Mins & 6 Mins

Full Body Guide Relaxation – 13 mins.

  Here’s a link to our You Tube Video for a short Meditation Session – Meditation 101.   Enjoy!

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