LeftHanded Moon goodbye Article 1998

LeftHanded Moon Goodbye Article

Not surprising, but the synchronicities have really increased for us both in the last month. We found a whole folder of clippings and pictures from when we closed LeftHanded Moon. At the time (1998) many people thought that we were closing to go to massage school. For years people would ask us when we moved back to Cincinnati and how school went—-funny– we talked it about it so much we had a lot of people cheering for us and visualizing it for us. We could use that again—-so please visualize this great new life for us.

Honestly, we want a life where we have a labor of love (see Linda Goodman’s Star Signs for an elaboration on that concept), we can work together and be of service in some way to others. What better way to be of service than to offer tools that enhance our physical, mental and spiritual well being. So that is where all our magic is directed these days–along with sending love and light to this great planet we all live on—-to keep it healthy. Without it– we really have nothing. I do love this paradise—-EARTH–muah!

The process of leaving Studio Vertu and getting back to this road we were on in the mid 1990’s has been interesting and very challenging. Our view point at 50 is different than it was in or 20’s and 30’s. In those decades we were fearless in many ways because we had very little to lose materially and as we saw it, we had all the time in the world. But the thing that remains the same is our passion. It took awhile to move through the thick fear we were under to realize that this is our life and our time and we want to live it with excitement and passion. We also realized we better get moving or some things on our list will not get a check mark. 🙂  I like folders and check list for sure!

With less than two weeks until blast off, we are both “freaking” a lot. Sometimes we just look at each other lift our arms and hands to the ceiling —scream –jump up and down. It helps believe me. So I would put the tools that have helped me the most in order like this—-Steve (oxoxox), meditation, yoga and then loud primal screaming.  Try it the next time you feel immobilized by something in your life. Let me know how it goes.

I promise to keep you posted on how this goes for us—-we are jumping off the edge and we are confident–right Steve—-that not only is this going to be ok–but that we are going to fly—-just like in your dream last night.


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  1. Brenda February 14, 2012 3:38 pm  Reply

    You are very inspiring. Thank you for this Love you guys! xoxoxo,Bren

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