1 Week after Juice Fast

Hello Everyone!

Rob and I wanted to give you a follow-up to our 5-day Juice Fast.

So, one week later we are both having 2  2-cup servings of fresh juice each day.  Our regular diet has us eating 5 times per day:  the main three meals and two snacks.  So we’ve made these Juices our 2 daily snacks (One late morning and the other late afternoon).  Each one is roughly 300 calories.  We’ve taken the opportunity to learn a lot about our diets in the past two weeks – one thing that we found was that we were eating far too much Protein.  Wait you say, protein is good for you, it’s what builds big muscles, right?  Well, in actuality, the body can only use so much in a day (depending on your activity level) and at the end of the day, what’s still in your system gets stored as FAT for use at another time. For us there really was no ‘another time’, because we just kept eating more.  So, we’ve cut way back on the amount of protein we eat per day.   (Steve learned this from a course he is taking from The American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) to become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist)

We also turned to an on-line tool named, ‘Myfitnesspal.com’.  This site provides you an opportunity to log in with some simple questions and a goal, then you simply keep track of everything you eat each day and any exercise or cardio you do each day.  Depending on your goals, the website determines how many calories you should consume for the day.  As you log in your meals and snacks, the program automatically records the calories, fats, carbohydrates, sodium and sugar content of each item.  It then keeps a running total for the day.  The most simple way to lose weight is to expound more calories each day than you consume.   This web site is an easy and great tool!

So, after a week of watching what we eat, keeping two fresh juices each day and laying low on alcohol (only 2 beers on Friday and 2 more on Saturday) we weighed in this morning – Monday, May 12……

Beginning weight May 1              Weight on the 6th Day                    Weight 1 week after Fast

Steve            173.5                                           163.5                                                       166

Rob              170.5                                            160.5                                                      162

The Fast was a great jumping off step for both of us. Along with the greater clarity, better sleep and clearer eyes, it really made us look at what we were putting into our bodies.    As we now see it, our  diet turned out to be just a little off.  And by making a few changes, we feel that we have come to a very doable eating plan. And NOW looking forward to summer swimsuit weather. 🙂

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are both very excited about this and happy to share!


Steve & Rob

PS: We will soon be offering a  healthy food class in our home. If you are interested please let us know. It will be limited to 6 to 8 people. It will be hands on and we will eat what we prepare. More details to come.

PSS: Our Healthy Living Retreat is coming up August 7- 10 in Key West Florida. It would be a great kick start to learn more ways to bring positive change to your own life– with support.

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  1. Bill Sarman May 12, 2014 6:12 pm  Reply

    After a very busy last 5+ months of client audits / year ends / income tax season and a very cold, harsh, long winter here in Toronto, I felt emotionally, mentally and physically “heavy” and felt the need to do something about this and fast !

    After reading Rob & Steve’s blogs on the juice fast and being inspired by these, I started this same juice fast last Tuesday and continued through yesterday Sunday.

    I found it relatively easy to do and get through, lost 8 lbs and now feel greater awareness and clarity of mind and body and increased energy and no longer have that “heavy” feeling.

    I was already having a more fruit/less veggie juice upon waking up every morning and instead of having a “snack” later afternoon, will have a less fruit / more veggie juice then since that is definitely much better for you.

    All-in-all this juice fast was a great experience, all you have to do is make a decision and commitment to do it, stick to it, you can achieve very beneficial results and realize the real value of drinking/eating good, healthy and nutritious food for now and forever !

    Thx to Rob & Steve for their advice during my juice fast, it was very helpful and much appreciated.

    Wishing you good luck with your own Juice Fast and all the best for great health and wellness !

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