Healthy Living Retreat 2015

Healthy Living Paradise Retreat III

Relax Your Way to Health:
Now, we’re ready for round 3!

A Meditative, Active & Motivational Paradise Retreat

August 6 - August 9, 2015
Key West, Florida
with Rob Dorgan & Steve Bolia

Interested in developing new tools to help you relax or to further your quest for a healthier life?

This is what one participant said of her experience at the Healthy Living Retreat 2014:

          “I am feeling SO GOOD after the retreat. I mean it – it was just the shot in the arm I needed. I have more energy, more positivity, and most importantly more optimism about my future. I’ve been doing all the little things you guys and Paul have suggested – don’t over think it, just add small, healthy “rituals” into my life. I am moving more, running more, sleeping better, eating better, and loving life more than I have in a long time.  It has been a wonderful two weeks.”   Rita, Atlanta, GA

Join Steve Bolia and Rob Dorgan at Alexander’s Guesthouse in luscious Key West, Florida for this 3 1/2 day retreat of yoga , guided meditation, laughter, conversations about thinking and acting in a positive manner as well as classes on Juicing, Raw Foods and healthy cooking….oh yeah, and some pool time too!    As a participant, you will walk away with new tools that will help you relax and develop a healthier life-style within your busy day.  Guided Meditation and Yoga Classes, along with conversations with our featured speaker, Paul Boynton, author of “Begin with Yes: A Short Conversation That Will Change Your Life Forever”, will provide accessible techniques that you will be able to incorporate into your daily routine.  One-on-One Personal Coaching Sessions with Paul Boynton are included with the Retreat.
Classes and hands-on work in the kitchen will provide you with easy and healthy recipes.  Thursday evening with chef Charlie Wilson, owner of Help Yourself, will focus on the benefits of raw foods, followed by a raw foods dinner. Yum!



The Weekend Paradise Retreat includes:
Raw Foods Cooking Class  with Charlie Wilson and Dinner Thursday evening
3 Meditation Classes,
5 Yoga Classes
2 Conversations with Paul Boynton,
2 Healthy Foods Classes
1 Class in Self-care through Reflexology.

Weekend Paradise Retreat is $450.00 per person
Call us at 513.675.7582 to reserve your space.
Check and most major Credit Cards accepted!

Reservations and Nightly Room Charges will be taken care of separately through Alexander’s Guest House -
be sure to call 1.800.654.9919 to book your room.
Be sure to ask for the ‘Book 3-night get the 4th night FREE’ Special.

50 minute Massages will be available from Rob or Steve during Free Times for an additional $50.00.
Contact Steve or Rob (click here) to schedule your appointment.

Be sure to bring your Yoga Mat!



Meditation and Yoga


banner_meditationBoth are ancient practices that can help heal and rejuvenate our body, mind and soul.

Meditation and Yoga have been proven to have many medical benefits separately or together –
•They create a deeper state of rest than sleep, allowing a deeper healing to take place.
•They increase the calming hormones, melatonin and serotonin and reduce stress inducing
hormones like cortisol.
•They have positive effects on aging and blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

For the Mind and Soul – 
• They increase positive emotions like love and compassion.
• Give clarity and focus of the mind.
• Create lightness, humor and balance within us.
• It can open new ways of thought and understanding to help us better deal with grief,
fear and limiting ideas.

For more information on Rob & Steve click here.


Relaxation is highly underestimated!

In our on-the-go society that continues to pick up the pace with new and improved technology that keeps us continually plugged in, we are taking less and less time to deeply relax and rejuvenate.  In effect many of us are living in our sympathetic nervous system – meaning we are becoming adrenaline junkies.  Constantly living in this heightened state of ‘fight or flight’, accelerates the aging process and puts us at greater risk for stress related injuries and disease.

Taking the time daily to relax deeply is of utmost importance to our overall well-being.  It helps us to heal ancient stresses as well as current ones and assist in balancing deep psychological imbalances. It can also reverse and slow down the aging process.

Who knew that relaxing could be so beneficial?  Just like eating, sleeping and exercising, relaxing must be a part of your daily routine to truly reap its benefits.  Great!  How am I going to fit relaxing into my day with everything I already have to do?   That’s what this Paradise Retreat is all about!

Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia - with the assistance of Paul Boynton and Charlie Wilson – are going to give you options for a better daily life.  To make healthy living a habit, you ‘Have To Keep It Simple’.

This retreat will teach you things that you can do every day to bring a little more peace of mind into your life.  We will show you, with your busy lifestyle, how to do accessible meditation, how to introduce yoga into your life or how to enhance yoga’s presence in your life, how to be a positive thinker, how to appreciate obstacles and stumbles and how to think about nutrition at every meal without making yourself crazy.  This retreat is both for the beginner and practitioner.  It’s a time to learn new life skills and to examine the skills you already have with a beginner’s perspective.

“In the mind of the expert there are few possibilities.  In the mind of a beginner there are many.”
Shunryu Suzuki-roshi.

Join us as we expand the way we look at ourselves and evolve that vision to include a healthy,
vibrant and radiant Being. YOU!


Begin with Yes
A Short Conversation That Will Change Your Life Forever

Paul S. Boynton received his B.A.. in Social Work from the University of New Hampshire and his M.A.. in Counseling from Goddard College.  He is currently the President & CEO of The Moore Center, an agency that serves people with intellectual, developmental and personal challenges by creating opportunities for a good life.


In addition to over 35 years in the health care, human services and nonprofit world, Mr. Boynton has served on numerous boards in New Hampshire in leadership roles, including Pastoral Counseling Services, Special Olympics NH, Catholic Medical Center and the New England Heart Institute, and The Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center.  Currently he serves on the Northeast Delta Dental Board.

Mr. Boynton is the author of the motivational book “Begin with Yes,” and the guided meditation CD “Begin Within,” hosts the TV Show “Begin with Yes” and the Empower Radio show “Begin with Yes,” and he writes the column, “Begin with Yes in the Workplace” in the New Hampshire Business Review newspaper.  His current work-in-progress  is a new book about starting over, called “Begin Again.”

He is currently using his book to help unemployed and underemployed people in New Hampshire and nationwide, offering free downloads of his book in an effort to communicate that when developing an effective job search strategy, positive attitude plus positive action leads to a positive result.

Mr. Boynton’s philosophy on life – reach out a hand to help someone, because as you do, there’s always someone ahead holding out a hand for you.

You can visit his Facebook page here.



You are what you eat!

20130812_125649_Fleming St

 Thursday evening will include a lively and
informative raw food demonstration, followed by a
three-course raw food dinner in the garden at
Alexander’s guesthouse. Charlie Wilson, chef and
owner of Help Yourself Café, will start you off with a
fresh juice elixir to sip on while she demonstrates some
of the recipes that you will be enjoying during the
dinner afterwards. The demonstration will run for
approximately 1 hour and you will be given the
recipes to take home with you.

Visit Help Yourself Foods!


Bio for Chef Charlie Wilson

Bypassing the conventional route, the University of Life took Charlie around the world on many adventures, from South Africa, to Australia and New Zealand and on to the States.  She even sailed her own boat through the Bahamas and was shipwrecked on a deserted island.  Back in London Charlie was a Cordon Bleu chef, owned her own catering company, and later a pub/restaurant in the French Alps.

After overcoming a series of health and digestive problems in 2004, Charlie discovered how critical our relationship to
food and nutrition truly is.  By eliminating processed foods and excess sugars and switching to a natural, whole food
diet Charlie noticed an immediate and dramatic difference in her physical and mental well-being.
This experience fueled a passion and mission to learn everything she could about food, nutrition, and healing so that she could help share this message.

In 2006 Charlie left for New York and enrolled in the chefs training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health
and Culinary Arts specializing in whole foods, nutrition, food, and healing. Charlie supported herself at culinary school by
working at Pure Food and Wine, New York’s leading raw food restaurant.

Charlie’s vision is to provide food and education to enhance lives with increased energy, greater vitality and superior health, delivered in a way that is fun, accessible, tasty, satisfying and easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. In 2008 she began
to turn that vision into a reality when she opened Help Yourself, an organic Café in the heart of old town Key West.
The café has recently expanded, taking over the next door Laundromat. The new addition is now home to a bustling juice bar and an organic market with fresh produce and all the ingredients you need to help yourself at home.

Additional Raw Food Meal Plans

If you would be interested in doing a raw food detox or a juice cleanse to compliment your retreat, Help Yourself can put together a package for you that includes lunch, dinner and snacks. This would be Friday, Saturday and Sunday . Help Yourself will deliver your meals to the guesthouse each morning.  (Remember, a healthy breakfast is included in your room package)

Raw Food Meal Plan – $42.00 per day

Fresh pressed green juice
Raw foods, healthy foods and juicing




We will begin at 5pm on Thursday & conclude at 3pm on Sunday

Thursday Aug.7th
5:00pm – Living Room of Rm #17:
Opening Introductions

6:00 – 7:00pm – Alexander’s Kitchen
Raw Food Class w/ Chef Charlie Wilson

Alexander’s Garden Bar open for Happy Hour!

Dinner in Alexander’s Garden

Friday Aug. 8th
6:30am – Living Room of Rm#17
Light food and Tea

7:00am – Living Room Rm#17
Guided Meditation/Class

Guided Yoga Class

9:45am – Alexander’s Garden

10:45am -1:00pm – Living Room of Rm#17
Conversation with Paul Boynton

1:00pm - 4:15pm
Free Time

4:15 - 6:00pm
Healthy Foods with R&S

Alexander’s Garden Bar open for Happy Hour!

Sunset Cruise – Key West Harbor

Saturday, Aug. 9th

6:30am – Living Room of Rm#17
Light food and Tea

7:00am – Living Room Rm#17
Guided Meditation/Class

Guided Yoga Class

9:45am – Alexander’s Garden
Breakfast/Free Time

2:00 - 4:00pm
Healthy Foods with R&S

4:15 - 5:00pm Light Yoga w/ Meditation

5:15 - 7:00pm
Conversation with Paul Boynton

Alexander’s Garden Bar open for Happy Hour!

Sunday, Aug. 10th
6:30am – Living Room of Rm#17
Light food and Tea

7:00am – Living Room Rm#17
Guided Meditation/Class

8:15am - 9:30
Guided Yoga Class

9:30am – Alexander’s Garden
Breakfast/Free Time

11:00am -1:00pm
Self Care through Reflexology






The retreat will be held at the tranquil and beautiful Alexander’s Guesthouse in Key West, Florida.


 Exterior Pool - Dusk_1 copy

Room packages are available through our Host, Alexander’s Guesthouse.
(visit website)

Alexander’s is offering a SPECIAL package for this weekend:

Book 3 Nights and get the 4th Night FREE*! Above is a link to Alexander’s web site – there will be 15 Rooms available (Room #17 will not be available during this retreat because that is where some of the events will take place!) – each room is unique, so be sure to review the site to find that perfect fit for you! All rooms feature a King or Queen Bed – so, suitable for 2 ppl.
Several Rooms sleep up to four people – be sure to ask an Alexander’s Front Desk staff member which rooms can accommodate more than 2 people.  There is an additional charge of $30.00 per night per person for rooms with more than 2 people.
*To secure the Special Offer please be sure to contact Alexander’s Guesthouse directly @ 800.654.9919.

When booking your room and travel arrangements be sure to arrive before 4:00pm on Thursday and to leave no sooner than 5:00pm on Sunday. May we suggest that you arrive on Thursday and depart on Monday, Aug 12th.

Airlines serving Key West International are: 
Delta, American and US Air.


Fab Fun in Key West

There will be lots of Free Time to enjoy the sights, food, history and beauty of Key West.  Below is a list of Alexander’s Favorite picks for things to do, things to see and places for dinner or lunch.  Keep in mind that Help Yourself is only three blocks up the street from Alexander’s and is a great spot for lunch, a snack or an early dinner!

Here is a list of a few of the places we recommend if you would like to do a little something around town.
Alexander’s can happily make any of these arrangements for you. 1-800-654-9919

Snorkeling and Sunset Cruises

Danger Charters Sailing Cruises: Upscale/great service – $75/$100 per person for Half day/Full Day…
Wind and Wine sunset cruises are $79.  They usually have about 23 guests on board.  (Visit Site)

Fury Catamarans: Sunset Cruises, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Skiing – larger catamarans.
Rates begin at at $40 per person (Visit Site)

Venus Charters: six person boat…great for private charters..can take you anywhere to snorkel, dolphin watching, light tackle fishing.
Prices begin at $500 for four hours – but split by 6 guests could be great – $84 per person. (Visit Site)

Paddle Boarding

SUP Key West Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Eco Tours (Visit Site)

Clearly Unique Kayak Tours of Key West: A wonderful boat trip out to the mangroves and areas of interest. Once there everyone gets into “clear kayaks”
and enjoys a tour where they share lots of interesting details about ocean wildlife. (Visit Site)

Places to Eat

Help Yourself - right up the street from Alexander’s. (305) 296-7766 (Visit Site)

“The Café” - vegetarian restaurant. (305) 296-5515 (Menu)

Azur Restaurant - two blocks from Alexander’s. (305) 292-2987 (Visit Site)

Santiago’s Bodega - in Bahama Village. ( 305) 296-7691 (Visit Site)

915 Restaurant on Duval (305) 296-0669 (Visit Site)

The Flaming Buoy Filet Co. (305) 295-7970  (Visit Site)

Seven Fish - fantastic seafood (305) 296-2777 (Visit Site)

Rent a Bicycle and take a ride around the island or to the beach!  You won’t need a car while you are here!  These can be rented at the front desk of Alexander’s Guesthouse…$18 for the first day and $10 thereafter.

Alexander’s front desk is always available to make reservations for you at restaurants or for any activity.  We are happy to take time to share with you all the wonderful things to do in Key West, even where to catch the perfect sunset.  We can make arrangements ahead of time or while you are here.

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