At the time you take your first breath you set in motion a unique set of planetary aspects that make up the unique being that is you – we call this your Personal Astrological Mandala.  There are no two people with the exact same Astrological chart. So, while there is some truth to what you may read in the newspaper about your daily or weekly Horoscope, there is so very much more.

Astrology is one of the tools we are given to find out more about ourselves. Rob and Steve have been studying astrology for 20 plus years and their teachers include Linda Goodman (Sun Signs, Love Signs, Star Signs and Gooberz) and Alice Loving.

There is no greater motto than:
“Know Thyself.”


We offer a “Life Path Reading” through Astrology.  Based on your Chart and focusing on your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and the position of your North Node, we will give you clues as to where your talents and challenges lie.  Our readings are from a “Soul Purpose” perspective.     Some relevant Natal Planetary Aspects and Transits will be highlighted as road signs on your Personal Journey.   You will receive a 1-22 page printed report as well as a one-on-one recorded conversation – you will receive a CD copy of this conversation.

We need: Date of Birth, exact Time of Birth and City/State of Birth

Timing – Once you have given us the above information we will schedule the one-on-one meeting.  We will need at least 14 days to compile all the information.

Cost – $140.00

Astrological Updates:    Not looking for a full chart interpretation?   Sometimes all you need is an update on your Transits and Progressions.  Schedule this hour session to do just that.

Cost- $60.00 (typically 75 minutes sessions)


Astrology: A Journey to Understanding Your SELF
A Date will soon be announced.  Please contact us if you are interested.
with Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia

Are you looking for self-discovery?  Are you looking for tools to understand yourself more?  Have you ever wondered about those patterns in your life that you just can’t seem to break?  So much of your story is told within your Astrological Chart.In this workshop, given by Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia, you will gain an understanding of the general meanings of the Astrological symbols and Characteristics.  We will then show you how their placement in your chart can be a tool to better understand yourself.This workshop is not intended to make you an Astrologer; it is about how you can use your Chart as a guide or map to your inner Self.All participants will be asked to provide their birth information (Date, exact Time (check your birth certificate!) and Place of birth (City/State)) in advance so that you can have YOUR Birth Chart in front of you while we explore!  (Send info to email on contact page)PLEASE be sure to pre-register so that we can have the opportunity to have your chart ready for you to study!

Class Outline

  1. Interpretation of the four Elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
  2. Interpretation/meaning of the twelve Astrological Signs – Aires to Pisces.
  3. Interpretation of the 12 Houses of the Chart.
  4. Explanation of the Relationships that the planets can have within a Chart (Conjunctions, Squares, Trines, Sextiles and Oppositions.).
  5. We will give each person the “Phase of the Moon” they were born under.
  6. With this basic Term explanation we will then dive into dissecting each person’s chart.