photo_robRob Dorgan

In my quest to have more meaning in my life, I have studied many different spiritual paths. For my own personal path I have experimented with what works for me and I encourage others to do the same. As we learn to listen to our heart we can discern what is right for us and move forward.

Currently I teach yoga and meditation. I am also a registered personal trainer and a nationally certified massage therapist.

The mixture of what I offer allows me to work with a client on the physical, the mental and spiritual.  It is working to bring balance into each of these areas that we find harmony in our lives. Through Yoga, meditation and deep relaxation we can heal on all levels.  To question is to grow. To experiment with our lives brings fullness.  To learn to love deeply is to bring contentment.

 I like to help people light up in their lives to find the bliss that is part of our birthright.

The classes, private sessions and retreats we offer, provide practical skills in how to move your body (yoga), make friends with your mind (meditation) and bring more relaxation into your life and being (breathing and massage).


SteveSteve Bolia

Born under the Astrological Sign of Virgo, being of service to others is very important to Steve.  In 2011, Steve left his ‘corporate job’ to head back to school to be able to offer a more refined service to those around him.  He defines and offers his service through Massage, Yoga and Healthy Foods.  Steve is a National Certified Massage Therapist, an ACE Personal Trainer and he holds a certificate as a Nutrition Expert through the American Council on Exercise.  Together with his partner, Steve and Rob currently teach Yoga in their home town of Newport, KY; they host Healthy Living Retreats throughout the United States and have a very active Massage practice.